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  Reiki & The Law Of Attraction

First let me say that with all healing, I do mean all, there is a bit of imagination involved.
More importantly emotion is the key component to all we do in our lives.   
Emotion is energy in motion (Conversations w/God, Bk 1).
When we involve emotion in our imagination we put events into motion.
Fueling our belief. The more that occurs the stronger our belief.
This can work against us or for us, it is our choice. We create through the combination of thought and emotion.
Reiki is a pure life energy that works within each of us if we open ourselves to the flow, allow for healing to occur.
That is very difficult to do. Fear, doubt, anger, all can stand in the way.
When you are told “it does not work” it is true for that person making that statement.
It did not work. They did not “allow” for the event to occur.
Rather their life experience provided them with a negative image,
fueled by the emotions that were derived from it and the end result was the same, disappointment and illness.
Letting go, learning to visualize or sense a better life, fueling it with the emotions that are required to feed that belief,
is difficult when you have so much negative guarding the way.
The Laws of the Universe are simple, yet…. Attraction occurs when there is emotion involved.
Reiki can be the energy to fuel, by healing that which stands in the way.
You must release that which guards the path. Energy can work for us or against us
 Using Reiki will guide you in developing a spiritual base for all that you require in this life.
Learning how to use Reiki will open doors to rooms that you have not visited and avoided for years.
Release the disappointments, release the hurts, release all that no longer serves and open to the flow of the Divine.
You will learn much about self.   Be prepared for a shift in your life.
To bring what you require means releasing that which is no longer required.   This can be a grieving process.

Thank you for inspiring me to move beyond Limits once again.

May you find The Holy Trintity With, Great Love & Abundant Light
To Manifest That which serves you in your journey.