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Psychic Crystal Sessions & Bowel Sound Bath
Meditation & Manifestations

Meditation With Crystal singing bowels, is an ancient practice that offers tremendous benefits.

Crystal Meditation equires specific beliefs and metaphysical or spiritual Insight.

You do need special talent to Activate True Healing and Positive Manifestations.

"Techniclly  Speaking,  All  You  only  need  is  Yourself, 
Your  mind,  and  a  few  minutes  each  day  in  which  you  can  be Undisturbed."

So Why Then, Should  people meditate with "Gigi~Rose" ?

The Simple Answer;

 Gigi Has The Specific Talent That You Truly
Need In Order to Manifest Your True Hearts Desires

How do I use Crystals in Meditation?

[meditation crystal]
Meditation with crystals is a two-step process. First must find the crystal (Or/)Singing bowel 
That has the Universal Life Force energy that is appropriate to your intentions.

Then We place it in front of you where you can focus on it during your meditation.

For creative visualization. In the alpha mode, you can talk with

Gigi, and creatively visualize something you seek. It could be a new

relationship, a happier state of mind, improved health, or whatever you desire.
You can then see yourself accomplishing your goal.

Such affirmations are powerful programmers of the human mind.

[womann meditation]
Contacting your higher self. Now this might seem a bit unbelievable, but in meditation it is just you.

With your brain in an alpha state all thoughts, ideas, and inputs are coming from deep within your mind,

and you are conscious at the time. This will be sporadic, but meaningful. It does become a bit addictive.

Everyone wonders who they really are. We catch glimpses in our deepest thoughts and in our dreams.

Allowing out flowing. Most people that are truly happy realize that they have what they need within them,

that it is essentially boundless, and that they derive satisfaction from sharing it.

Mediation allows for focusing on what is within.

We all know many afflictions are self induced. We can think ourselves sick,

and we can often think ourselves well. Meditation is a direct link to your inner self.

Affirmations of wellness during meditation are effective mind control and body control tools for health.

Opening Energy Centers;
Meditation will aid you in finding the sources of energy you have within you.

Grounding. Meditation will connect with the planet, and assure you are seeing things as they truly exist.

Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides;    Prayer is often a form of meditation.

The meditative state makes your mind more open to communication with spirits.

"Thank you for inspiring me to move beyond Limits once again."

"May you find The Holy Trintity With, Great Love & Abundant Light
To Manifest That which serves you in your journey."