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Angel cards access the energies of angelic beings that want only to love, care for and protect humanity. Having infinite compassion for the human condition and acting in accordance with divine laws, these beings provide guidance and insight. The lessons the angels provide cover all aspects of human life, but center on spiritual advice. Angel messages provide encouragement, positive affirmations for whatever challenges you face.
At first glance Angel cards seem to be another form of tarot cards, but aside from using cards the similarity ends. Tarot cards are a very definitive type of divination, based on metaphysical concepts such as alchemy, esoteric symbols, and numerology. Angel cards, on the other hand, rely on channeled information from the etheric realms. The reading is produced by the interaction of energies of the seeker and the response of the angels to the querent's questions.
How Do Angel Card Readings Work?
The grandparents of Angel cards were oracle cards, said to have their origins with gypsies. Oracles cards would have symbolic pictures with precise meanings. Sometimes even a deck of playing cards would be used for oracles. As unsure as we are where oracle cards originated we do know that in the nineteenth century France oracle cards became very popular. One cartomancer, Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, dazzled the rich and powerful with her skill with oracle cards. The deck created in her name became the most popular set of oracles cards, remaining so to this day.
However, with the emergence of the New Age Movement new designs for oracle cards emerged, among them angel cards. There a number of different decks, all operating from the same intent, but have different messages. Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle cards pairs an angel with a concept, providing a commentary on each card. A second deck she authored, Healing With the Angels, does not focus in individual angels but in general guidance through symbols. Diane Cooper's Angel of Light cards combines guidance with affirmations to enlighten the querent. These are just a few angel decks available.
Your reader will have chosen the set the cards of that work best for him or her in working with clients. The deck that is used is not more important than the message you receive.

Readings may examine issues related to career, finances, spiritual path, past lives influencing present time,

relationships with family, friends and partners, physical illness, issues around sexuality,  
or current challenges and issues related to grief, loss and transitions.

For example, you may ask for a session that explores your
relationship space and what may or may not be keeping you from having the relationship of your dreams. 

If you are having a hard time accomplishing tasks or feel paralyzed around a project,
ask what may be interfering with your process. 

You may also want to discover what you are learning from your family agreements
Any issue may be addressed through an intuitive counseling session.

Meredith Young-Sowers, in her book Angelic Messenger Cards said that there six aspects of spiritual energy that angels teach us about. These realms are reflection, partnership, integration, alignment, rejuvenation, and nourishment. Reflection is becoming aware of your divine self. Partnership is growing spiritually in relationships. Integration is establishing harmony among, body, mind and spirit. Alignment is finding and performing meaningful work in line with your divine purpose. Rejuvenation is finding personal renewal in the natural cycles of life. Nourishment is choosing thoughts, foods and emotional responses that give spiritual fulfillment. An angel card reading will reflect one or several of these realms depending on the number of cards drawn.
Readers will draw the cards for your reading. Depending on your question and circumstances,  Each of the cards lined up in a reading has a specific meaning by position. Not every reader use cards like this, and some will have their own special spreads. However, the following are examples of Angel reading spreads. Three cards is usually, but not always, used for the day's guidance.  Three cards in a spread can show the influence for your mind, body and spirit. Six cards show the present challenge, the Angelic Message, the Spiritual Opportunity and the how the angels suggest this all this information can be applied in your daily life.  A Ten-card spread can be used to show all the influences surrounding a significant issue in your life.